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Tracking Technologies and Cookies

At our service, we employ Cookies and similar tracking technologies to monitor and store specific information related to your online activity. These tracking technologies encompass beacons, tags, and scripts, which play a vital role in collecting, analyzing, and enhancing your experience on our platform. Here’s an overview of the technologies we employ:

  • Cookies or Browser Cookies: These are small files placed on your device. You have the option to configure your browser to decline Cookies or alert you when a Cookie is being transmitted. However, please note that rejecting Cookies may limit your access to certain parts of our service. Unless you adjust your browser settings to reject Cookies, our service may utilize them.
  • Flash Cookies: Certain features of our service may utilize local stored objects, often referred to as Flash Cookies. These collect and store information about your preferences or activities on our platform. It’s important to note that Flash Cookies are managed separately from Browser Cookies and may require specific settings adjustments.
  • Web Beacons: Some sections of our service, as well as our email communications, may contain small electronic files known as web beacons or clear gifs. These elements enable us to track user engagement, including page visits, email openings, and other website statistics. They play a crucial role in understanding user interactions and ensuring the integrity of our system and servers.

Cookies can be categorized as “Persistent” or “Session” Cookies. Persistent Cookies remain on your device when you go offline, while Session Cookies are deleted when you close your web browser.

We employ both Session and Persistent Cookies for the following purposes:

  1. Necessary / Essential Cookies (Type: Session Cookies, Administered by Us): These Cookies are indispensable for providing services available through our website and facilitating the use of certain features. They help authenticate users and prevent fraudulent account use, ensuring that requested services can be delivered effectively.
  2. Cookies Policy / Notice Acceptance Cookies (Type: Persistent Cookies, Administered by Us): These Cookies identify whether users have consented to the use of Cookies on our website, helping us comply with your preferences.
  3. Functionality Cookies (Type: Persistent Cookies, Administered by Us): Functionality Cookies allow us to remember your choices, such as login details or language preferences, to offer a personalized experience. They eliminate the need for you to re-enter your preferences each time you use our website.
  4. Tracking and Performance Cookies (Type: Persistent Cookies, Administered by Third-Parties): These Cookies are employed to track website traffic and user behavior. The data collected, often associated with a pseudonymous identifier linked to your device, helps us assess user interactions with our website. Additionally, we may use these Cookies to test new pages, features, or functionality for user feedback.
  5. Targeting and Advertising Cookies (Type: Persistent Cookies, Administered by Third-Parties): These Cookies monitor your browsing habits, enabling us to display more relevant advertising. They utilize your browsing history to categorize you with other users who share similar interests. With your consent, third-party advertisers may place Cookies on third-party websites to show you ads tailored to your interests.

For a comprehensive understanding of the Cookies we use and your choices concerning them, please refer to our Cookies Policy.